From High-Tech Innovators to Military Leaders
  • Optimize existing products for military use
  • Discover and win lucrative R&D grants faster
  • Collaborate with other defense-related companies
  • Improve commercialization to boost future revenue

Join The Defense Innovation Network!

Why waste time figuring out every step on your own needed to grow your company with grants and government sales?

The Defense Innovation Network helps you collaborate with industry leaders who have scaled their businesses with defense contracts, plus gain support from peers to overcome every hurdle along the way.

By joining our annual membership, you’ll receive:

  1. Bi-weekly Brainstorming Sessions
  2. Searchable transcripts of calls
  3. FAQs for common issues and opportunities
  4. Encrypted communication tools
  5. Contact lists for government decision makers

Why join?

  • Meet Others Like You Finally be able to find entrepreneurs and innovators like you (Defense is the hardest place to meet anyone!)
  • Cut through the red tape that could set your company back
  • Ask Your Questions Talk through defense-related topics and questions on a 100% secure encrypted platform (which could be too expensive to buy as an individual or small business)
  • Find Answers with searchable transcripts and FAQ’s for questions about grants, contracting
  • Learn how to bypass the normal procurement process with an SBIR grant
  • Learn how to get paid faster by expediting cash flow and government payments

How do we join?

  1. Go through our secure signup process: After you register, we will verify your U.S. Citizenship and request your company’s CAGE code, validated by, to verify your status as a defense contractor eligible to do business with the federal government.
  2. Accept your invitation: Our team will review your application and ensure you are a defense business in good standing, then issue you an invitation when this process is concluded.  Upon your acceptance of our membership agreement, you will become a founding member of the Defense Innovation Network.
  3. Take the direct route to sell your services and products to the government… without all the confusion and red tape!

The Defense Innovation Network is for you if...

  • You’re wondering how to apply for the right grants to keep developing your product and scaling your company.
  • You have grants but you’re not sure how to best use them.
  • You’d like help identifying contracting officers (COs) and Program Executive Officers (PEOs)
  • You’d like to partner with other companies to earn grants - but they are hard to find, win, and you don’t know which grants are best suited for you to earn.
  • You’d just rather not make expensive mistakes or scale your company by yourself when our members know the shortcuts!
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