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Navigating DoD Cyber Security Audits is complicated.  Our network of recommended providers offers transparency and accountability into the process of seeking NIST and DoD Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance for your DoD programs, projects and grant applications.

The Defense Innovation Network collaborates with multiple providers, board members and cybersecurity advisors to ensure our members have the latest information toward becoming compliance.  Because the DoD CMMC board has not yet finalized the process of conducting audits and certifying compliance for defense contractors, no consultants can guarantee CMMC certification compliance.

Furthermore, many companies are required to have an insider threat program. If this program is structured incorrectly, your organization is at risk of acting illegally under U.S. law.  Our providers will ensure that GRC (Governance / Regulatory / Compliance) risk concerns are maintained in accordance with U.S. laws.

The Defense Innovation Network can also help with finding a part-time CISO to meet your organization's demands on an as-needed basis.  

A  CISO scope of work may include managing the following items:
Stakeholder (and Executive / Officer) engagement (internal and external)
Reporting to Board of Directors (including Compliance Briefs)
Governance / Regulatory / Compliance Demands Are Addressed
Risk Assessments / Network Assessments
Implementing and Enforcing Security Controls
Program Operations and Maintenance
Oversight of Technical Services / Projects
Oversight of Software
Gap Assessments
Audit Oversight
Information Assurance Project Management
Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
Security Program Creation and Maintenance
Training of Key Personnel

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