From High-Tech Innovators to Military Leaders

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Why waste time figuring out every step on your own needed to grow your company with grants and government sales?

The Defense Innovation Network helps you collaborate with industry leaders who have scaled their businesses with defense contracts, plus gain support from peers to overcome every hurdle along the way.

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We help solve issues based on stated user needs, both inside DoD and our industry partners.


We foster collaboration and alliances to support rapid scaling of impactful ideas.

Just In Time Solutions

Our entrepreneur partners identify opportunities for improvement that are ripe for disruption and can be delivered in a timely manner to benefit the US Department of Defense.

Data Driven Objectives

Our network maximizes the value it delivers by rendering solutions where clear measurable progress metrics can be attained.


When American leaders encourage the rapid adoption of great ideas, we begin to conduct business at the pace of relevance. We empower our next generation of entrepreneurs to work faster with the US DoD.

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